Angst Movie Screening Capital Group Irvine May 29, 2019

Uram Family Therapy will be attending the Capital Group’s screening of #Angst, a film about teenage anxiety. Modern stressors, pressure, and negative self-talk can be overwhelming. The film advocates increasing awareness of anxiety, coping skills, and community involvement. To learn more, visit: To screen whether your child meets criteria for an anxiety disorder, you can complete the SCARED assessment and review it with us:  Children can complete this screener on their own and reviewed with a trusted adult: To screen yourself as an adult for anxiety, depression or addiction, please visit: It is recommended to share these results with a Mental Health provider who can help interpret the results.

For those of you that attended, thank you for coming to the screening today. Teen anxiety is affecting so many of us, in new and unpredictable ways. Events like this open dialogue and remove the stigma of mental health.

Hopefully, in watching the movie, what you or your family may have been going through lately will now have a name (there were several diagnoses mentioned in the film). The Anxiety and Depression Association of America has a great resource page explaining them: You may recognize yourself or your child’s symptoms as something to address sooner rather than later; and most importantly, to open a dialogue with them about their fears and worries.

For more information, questions, or to arrange an appointment, please contact us here:

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