Uram Family Therapy


Over the last two years, an increasing number of our clients have experienced burnout. We now offer a specific treatment including being screened for burnout and working with you to advocate for accommodations with your employer to address these concerns. The screening includes assessing burnout using the BAT-23, Depression using the PHQ-9, Anxiety using the GAD-7, Adult ADHD using the ASRS v1.1. For more information, please contact us at michael@uramfamilytherapy.com or 949-777-6694. For scheduling an appointment, please contact our office administrator, Stephanie Clarke at 949-394-5520 or stephanie@uramfamilytherapy.com. The screening can be completed in one 50 minute session as long as you complete the intake forms ahead of your appointment. Our fee is $150 per session.

Treatment for burnout varies based on your results. There is no obligation to seek treatment with us. The most common recommendations are reduced schedule, reduced workload, extended deadlines, and temporary leave.

We have applied to the Health Resources and Service Administration for a 3 year grant to provide these services to Orange County doctors and nurses at no charge. Please go to Germane.info for more information on this project.